KOKKALISBorn in Larissa in 1972 by parents farmers. He is married to Helen Mocha and has a son, Constantinos Kokkalis. He is Attorney at the Supreme Court of the Graduate Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During his schooling, he was a member of the Rector's Council as a representative of the students.

Between 1998 and today carries active and active practice in the Court of Larissa.
Since 2005 actively engaged in the consumer movement and elected two (2) times President of IN.KA Thessaly.
In 2006 he elected Councilor reconciling Larisa-City of Tomorrow while elected to the Board of E.F.E.T as representative of all the consumer organizations in Greece.
In 2008 elected Vice President of the National Council of Consumer and Market (ESKA), institution that suggests the current Minister of Development of consumer policy and the market.

He has participated as a representative of consumer organizations in 2008 and 2009 to the Standing Committee on Commerce of the Greek Parliament, on bills concerning the consumer (unfair practices and collection agencies, unfair terms Banking contracts, consolidation of the insurance market, etc.). Many of the proposals IN.KA Thessaly became laws of the state.

From 2010 until today systematically and actively supports the consumer-borrower with the Law on "indebted households."
He was first elected Member of the Greek Parliament in January 2015 and re-elected in the next election in September 2015.
Since November 2016, is Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food.